The greatest of friends are those who are truthful enough to correct us and advise us even when it is very bitter to digest.


Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world. May Allah grant love, empathy, and compassion in the heart of all of mankind. For there is nothing worse than a dead/hardened heart. Ya Allah! In these blessed Ramadan days please fill our hearts with love for humanity! Ameen!

Reward Equivalent To A Year Of Fasting And Praying

From Aws Bin Aws Ath-Thaqafi who said I heard the Messenger of Allaah [ﷺ] saying:

❝Whoever performs a perfect Ghusl on Friday then goes very early to the Khutbah, walking and not riding, sits close to the Imam, listens and does not speak or keep himself busy then for every step towards the Khutbah is the reward equivalent to a year of fasting and praying.❞

[Collected By Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi | Authenticated By Al-Albaani In Saheeh al-Jama as-Sagheer, (No. 6405) | Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Miraath al-Anbiyya]

Al-Mulla Ali al-Qari [رحمه الله] said:

❝The people of knowledge say: ‘We do not know of a Hadeeth of the Prophet [ﷺ] which has more reward than this Hadeeth.’❞

[Murqaat al-Mafateeh Sharh Mishkat al-Massabeeh, (3/484) | Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Miraath al-Anbiyya]

May this month bring you happiness, peace and blessings in all forms. I pray that we are able take every moment of this month with endless amounts of ‘ibadah. Remember the ummah. Pray for the suffering, the oppressed, the dead and the struggling. May Allāh accept our du’as and may He reunite us in Jannah.

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Prophet Muḥammad Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam said:

إذا حدث الرجل الحديث ثم التفت فهي أمانة

“If a person tells you something and afterwards looks around (carefully), then it becomes an Amānah (trust with you).”

● [الجامع الصحيح سنن الترمذي ١٩٥٩ ، حسنه الألباني]

💎 Additional Benefit 💎

Sh. Muḥammad b. ʿAbdur-Raḥmān al-Mubārakfūree Raḥimahullāh said in its Sharḥ:

“His ‘looking around’ is a sign for the one he is narrating to that he is afraid of being heard by anyone else […] and that to hide this conversation and keep it as a trust with you.”

● [تحفة الأحوذي]

Sh. ʿAbdur-Razzāq al-Badr Hafiẓahullāh said EVEN if the person does not say that my speech is an Amānah, his looking around makes it a trust with you.

Always ask for goodness

Prophet Muḥammad Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam said:

لا تدعوا على أنفسكم إلا بخير فإن الملائكة يؤمنون على ما تقولون

“Do not supplicate for yourself anything but GOOD (Khayr) for indeed the angels say ‘Āmeen’ to whatever you say (in Duʿā).”

● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير برقم ٧٢٦٦ ، صححه الألباني]

Some people are send as a test and some as a blessing, embrace both and praise Allah. Some teach you, make you humble and test your patience. Others bring you closer to Allah and make you a better person.