The Correct meaning of ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allaah’ – by Shaikh ibn Baaz

via The Correct meaning of ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allaah’ – by Shaikh ibn Baaz


💎Sleeping through Fajr?
From ‘Abdullāh [bin Mas’ūd] – may Allāh be pleased with him – that a man was mentioned to the Prophet ﷺ and he was told that he remained sleeping until the morning and thus had not gotten up to go to the prayer. So he (i.e. the Prophet) said:
“Shaytān urinated in his ears.”
[Narrated by al-Bukhārī in his Sahīh (no. 1144) | Translated by Abū Ruqayyah ‘Abd us-Samad]

Accept Life As It is

The pleasures of life are short-lived, and more often than not, they are followed by sorrow. 

💢Life means responsibility, a journey wherein change is constant and difficulties are relentless in their onslaught. You will not find a father, a wife, or a friend who is free from problems. Allah has willed for this world to be filled with two opposites: good and evil, righteousness and conuption, happiness and misery. Thus goodness, uprightness, and happiness are for Paradise; evil, corruption, and misery are for the Fire. 

💢The Prophet (bpuh) said: “This world is cursed along with all that is in it, except for these: the remembrance of Allah, what follows it (i.e. good deeds and whatever Allah loves), the scholar, and the student.” 

💢So live according to your reality without always envisioning the ideal life, one that is free from worry and toil. Accept life as it is and adapt accordingly to all circumstances. You will not find in this world such things as the flawless companion or the perfect situation, because flawlessness and perfection are qualities that are foreign to this life. It is necessary for us to make amends: to take what is easy and leave what is difficult; and very frequently, to overlook the faults and mistakes of others. 

[Pg 53 Don’t be sad Aaidh​ ibn Abdullah al Qarni]